7th Easy to Read Meeting

One more year, Easy to Read Association and Easy to Read Network organize the annual Easy to Read Meeting.

In this seventh edition we want to announce the evolution of the Easy to Read in recent years at national and international level, and how accessibility to information is being applied in areas such as culture or public administrations.

19 speakers from 7 different countries will participate.

The meeting will be in Barcelona on November 25, at the Sala Espai Bonnemaison, during all day.

The event will be initiated by Malcolm Lewis, representative of Plain English Campaign, with an inaugural conference of how accessibility to contents is necessary for society.

The meeting will have 4 round tables, all of them with an international representation:

Easy to Read: differing realities with a common aim

Representatives of different Easy to Read associations will review their beginnings and the path that ETR has had in their countries.

Libraries as a model of accessibility

Libraries have been and are one of the main driving forces of the Easy to Read. We will know the background and the projects of the library in relation to accessibility in reading and in reading promotion among their users with reading difficulties.

The right to receive accessible information: Where do we start?

Accessibility to contents is a right for everybody. Some laws start to regularize this situation, and the administrations must obey them. Which politics are affected to bring literature, culture and information to all the people?

Making Arts and Culture available to everyone

The cultural sector (museums, theatres, cultural centres…) bet for the accessibility in their contents. Is one of the sectors where are more initiatives. How they are? What is necessary to approach culture to all citizens? How must be a good accessible cultural function?

The meeting will provide a simultaneous translation service and anothers accessibility measures like audio induction loop.

The meeting has the support of the Ministerio de Cultura, the Departament de Cultura of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona and the Fundación ONCE.

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